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Move-Out Cleaning Checklist

Thank you for your tenancy. We appreciate you choosing Brownstone Property Management to rent your home. We ask that you take time to ensure that your home is clean and ready for the next family. Prior to your occupancy, your home was professionally cleaned for your comfort. Therefore, we ask that you return it in similar condition. Tenants are responsible for house cleaning upon move-out. Tenants are not responsible for “normal wear and tear”, although fees may be charged for excessive wear and tear, damage, improper or inadequate cleaning, or any damages arising from misuse, waste, or neglect to the property. Please review items below, clean, clean as necessary, and notify property manager of any problems or discrepancies as they arise. 



  1. Home must be completely free of trash and debris in all areas, inside and out. 
  2. Carpets must be professionally cleaned. Invoice from professional cleaner required.
  3. All vinyl and/or tile floors must be mopped and cleaned. 
  4. All cabinets and drawers throughout the house must be cleaned inside and out. 
  5. Clean refrigerator and freezer. Empty ice maker. 
  6. Clean stove, including top/grills, drip pans, trays, and knobs.
  7. Clean oven thoroughly. Run self-cleaning cycle or manually clean as needed. 
  8. Clean dishwasher front and inside. 
  9. Clean washer and dryer. (if applicable) Add 1 cup bleach and run on short cycle to sanitize. 
  10. Clean ceiling fan blades. (if applicable) 
  11. Clean all mirrors and windows. 
  12. Bathrooms must be thoroughly cleaned & sanitized. This includes sinks, mirrors, medicine cabinets, drawers, toilets, tubs, showers, and floors. 
  13. Toilets must be thoroughly cleaned from top to bottom; inside and out. 
  14. Glass shower enclosures must be clean and clear. Remove all soap scum and hard water buildup. 
  15. Check bathroom and kitchen wet areas for caulk seals. 
  16. Replace AC filters. Inexpensive variety OK. 
  17. Replace any inoperable light bulbs.
  18. Baseboards must be clean and free of dirt.
  19. Fireplace must be clean and free of soot. 
  20. Electrical outlet plates must be replaced if missing, cracked, or stained.
  21. Replace any missing window screens.
  22. Replace any missing door stoppers.
  23. Wipe down interior walls to remove dirt and handprints. Use care when cleaning “flat” paint. 
  24. Patch nail holes or cracked/broken drywall with filler putty and texture and blend to surrounding area.
  25. Touch up paint with EXACT MATCHING COLOR PAINT. Contact property manager for paint codes. 
  26. Any painting must appear consistent with surrounding areas and should be cleaned up thoroughly. 
  27. Garage, patios, balconies, and storage closets/sheds must be swept and free from debris and trash.
  28. Clean up exterior lawn and grounds. Repair any damage to lawn, landscape, or irrigation system. 
  29. Close all utility accounts accounts and pay closing bills. Copies of closing bills may be requested prior to deposit refund. 
  30. Return all door and mailbox keys to property manager. Property is not considered vacant until all keys are received. 
  31. Return all garage remotes to property manager. 
  32. Abandoned items may be disposed. Property manager is not responsible for lost or missing property. 
  33. Provide a forwarding address to property manager for return balance of security deposit. Security deposit balances will be returned in approximately 2-3 weeks, not to exceed 21 days unless notified

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