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Tenant FAQs

  1. Can I install a satellite dish?
    • ​​Tenants must get written approval prior to installing a satellite. The final decision is up to the homeowner. In some cases HOA rules may forbid the installation of a satellite dish. If approved, the tenant is responsible for proper removal of the dish and repairing any damage. The dish cannot remain on the property beyond the tenancy of the tenant that installed it. 
  2. Can I install additional phone or cable lines?
    • Tenants must get written approval before adding any additional telephone or cable lines. Addition lines must not be visible on outside of home. Holes are not be to drilled through exterior walls, floors, or ceilings. 
  3. If I did not have a pet when I moved in can I have one now?
    • Approval to have a pet is given on a case by case basis and the homeowner must give approval. Do not buy a pet prior to getting written permission from Brownstone Property Management. Inform our office of your desire to get a pet and we will contact the homeowner with your request. All pets must meet the pet guidelines. Approval for a pet will require an increased deposit and must be paid prior to moving a pet in. 
  4. I mailed my rent before the 5th of the month. Why did I get a late. 
    • Per your lease, it is your responsibilty to ensure your rent is recieved prior to the due date. Payments delivered on a weekend or holiday will be processed on the following business day. Payments recieved after the due date, regardless of the reason, will automatically result in a late fee. If the 5th falls on a weekend or holiday rent is due the business prior to the 5th. 
  5. I have given my 30 days notice. Will you start showing the property?
    • ​Once you give your 30 days notice we will begin the marketing process. We will try our best not to inconvience you and to show the property at the most suitable times possible. However, an outgoing tenant cannot restrict the times that we show the property. We will ensure a representative from Brownstone Property Management accompanies prospective tenants and you will be given prior notice to viewings. 
  6. I want to have a roommate move in. What do I need to do?
    • ​The prospective roommate has to complete the online application PRIOR to moving in. If the prospective tenant is denied they cannot move in. If they are approved they must sign a occupant addendum. The decision as to how the rent is divided to solely between the roommates. Rent must be paid in full on time. A partial payment does not exclude the payee from actions resulting from unpaid rents. 
  7. One of my roommates wants to move but i want to stay. What do we do?
    • ​The roommate that wants to move must submit a notice to vacate form. The remaining roommates must be able to provide proof they can meet the rent requirements. The security deposit will not be returned until all occupants have vacated the premises. Any matters concerning the moving roommate getting a partial security deposit returned must be resolved amongst the roommates. 
  8. My parents, siblings, or friend wants to visit and stay for a few days. Can they bring they pet along?
    • ​No. Only pets approved by Brownstone Property Managment, LLC are permitted on the property. Pets belonging to friends and family are not permitted on the premises for any length of time. 
  9. What if I want an additional pet?
    • ​Contact Brownstone Property Management and we will submit the request to the homeowner. If approved, the tenant will be required to pay an additional security deposit. 
  10. What happens if my pet dies, runs away, and or given away. Do I get the increased protion of my security deposit back?
    • ​No. The entire securtiy deposit remains in the possession of Brownstone Property Managament until the tenant vacates the premises. In order for a thorough inspection to be done the property must be vacant. 
  11. When is my rent late?
    • ​Your rent is late if not "recieved" by the 5th of the month and a late fee of $50 is automatically added to your account. Rent is not considered "recieved" isimply because it was mailed or placed in the dropbox. 
  12. When is my rent due?
    • ​Rent is due on the first calendar day of the month and is late on the 5th day of the month. 
  13. Why can I not clean the carpet myself when moving out?
    • ​Brownstone Property Management requires professional steam cleaning of all carpets at move out to preserve the life of the carpet. Retail and rental carpet cleaners do not handle the level of deep cleaning neccsseary and may cause spotting or damage. 
  14. Will you waive my late fee?
    • ​No. Unless the rent was late as a result of a bank error and written proof is provided by the bank. 
  15. I recieved a fine from the HOA. I wasn't aware of the rule. Do I have to pay it?
    • ​It is the responsibility of the tenant to know the rules and regulations of the HOA. Brownstone Property Managment will do our best to keep tenants updated but it is ultimately the tenant's responsibility. Any fines are the sole responsibility of the tenant. If you are unsure about any rules you can contact the HOA directly. 







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